Environmental Consultancy and Fluid Management Services

EP have assisted many of our clients with immediate support and assistance regarding unwanted spillages and breaches in discharge consent. Our involvement can prevent a minor issue from turning into a significant problem. 

Our consultancy services include:

  • Site drainage review and design.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments.
  • Interceptor-separator specification, inspection and repair services.
  • Oil alarms.
  • Existing treatment review.
  • Basic water treatment advice.
  • Sampling results review.
  • Chemical usage advice.
  • Legislative guidance.
  • Spill response.
  • Spill investigation.
  • Waste classification.
  • FEED studies.
  • Contaminated Land Analysis
  • Soil Remediation advice

EP also provides complimentary services in the design and maintenance of water treatment systems and oil water separators. Our complimentary services provide the turnkey solution for all your wastewater / produced water processing challenges.

Complimentary technologies and services from EP include:

  • Oil Water Separator Maintenance
  • Oil Content Monitor Servicing and Installation
  • COD and Heavy Metal removal and reduction.
  • Organoclay, Char and combination polishing media supply.
  • Solids filtration cartridges, bags and basket strainers.
  • Plate Separation Techniques
  • pH Correction Systems.
  • UV treatments.
  • Unique Detergent Formulations.
  • PLC Control Packages.
  • Remote Performance Monitoring Techniques.
  • Sampling Services.