Fluid Waste Management

We understand the oil and gas industry is constantly evolving, costs are being challenged and regulatory demands are increasing. EP provides niche solutions to complex fluid waste management problems.

We have designed and built large scale ATEX Zone 1 systems for managing the returned fluids from well intervention operations, monitoring the return fluids and depending on contamination levels routing it to the appropriate process module for treatment.  All fluids are monitored to confirm environmental compliance before being discharged overboard. 

We have undertaken pipeline cleaning and decommissioning projects, recommending commercially attractive solutions to manage the recovered waste.

Where we cannot provide the scale of treatment required, we will specify the best 3rd party to approach, giving impartial advice on who is best equipped and why. 

We have advised our clients on waste treatment solutions for:

  • De-watering of Offshore Platform Storage Legs
  • Clean up of mud-pit contaminated rainwater
  • Contaminated water/glycol mixes
  • Waste management facilities
  • Drill-cuttings
  • Tank farms
  • FPSO’s

“We have consulted EP regarding all our wash bay sites in the UK. We have five EcoBays in Aberdeen and one in Great Yarmouth. The systems tie in with our Company-wide environmental commitments and we know discharge compliance would not have always been achieved without them. We consult EP at design phase of our wash bays to ensure we are using all best available techniques, and they have provided a very helpful after-sales service wherever they have been employed. All services delivered by EP are carried out in the most safe and efficient manner and always to the highest standards possible.”

UK Manager, Major Service Company