Offshore Wastewater Solutions

EP provides water treatment systems and bespoke equipment for a range of oily water fluids. These range from simple oil water separators for bilge/skimmer tank fluids, to complex, multi-functional, self-analysing ATEX Environmental Treatment Plants. Certified for marine duty and Certified by the US Coast Guard, the Oil and Water Separator complies with the latest MARPOL Regulations. 

Key Benefits:

  • Land, vessel, or fixed installation mounted 
  • Minimal maintenance, low consumables.
  • Fully automated
  • Minimal power requirement
  • Fully functional on a dynamic platform
  • Optional configurations for power, control and monitoring
  • Optional automated compliance reporting
  • Small footprint, self-monitoring, and self-priming
  • Available in a range of flow rates from 5 – 13,000 Litres per minute.

All our products come fully skid mounted, requiring minimal hook up and installation modification, manufactured to meet our client’s specification. Our technicians service oil water separators and oil content monitors, onshore and offshore, both locally and overseas. They carry out all repairs in accordance with MARPOL Regulations and appropriate regional legislation. We also provide a range of wastewater filtration and undertake media supply and replacement;  assist our Offshore clients with their compliance responsibilities, OPPC reporting and maintenance programs. 

Oil and Water Separator: Used for the treatment of bilge water, skimmer tank fluids, oily slops, sumps, compressor condensate and many other oily water industrial applications.


“We use EP to ensure that our offshore drilling rigs do not discharge polluted water, operating to a high level of environmental integrity is critical for us and our clients. EP is responsive and cost effective in helping us meet that objective.”

Rig Manager, Major Drilling Company