EcoBay™ Wastewater Onshore

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With applications onshore, The EcoBay™ wastewater treatment provides a cost effective solution for the management of wastewater produced by industrial wash and cleaning processes. EcoBay™ consists of a fully integrated skid mounted wastewater treatment system for the reduction of suspended solids, hydrocarbons, chemical oxygen demand and heavy metals in washbay water. It can be retro-fitted into your existing site infrastructure to treat the produced water streams automatically, ensuring your facility remains within discharge consent limits 24 hours a day. We provide a turnkey solution including EcoBay™ rental, supply of consumables, on-site installation, water quality analysis and life cycle service and maintenance. 

The EcoBay™ is available in a range of flow rates allowing the system to be used for a range of wastewaters and process applications and trial units are available for site specific evaluation, and equipment can be supplied for ATEX, and Zone 2 operating locations.

How the EcoBay™ can benefit your Business:

  • Cost effective, reliable, technically accepted solution to waste water problems.
  • Guaranteed compliance with the discharge consent levels set by the relevant authorities such as Scottish Water, SEPA and the Environment Agency
  • Removal and recovery of free hydrocarbons.
  • Reduction in chemical oxygen demand and suspended solids with consequent reduction in the cost of discharged wastewater.
  • Fully automated operation reducing management and labour costs.
  • Minimum servicing and maintenance required.
  • A fully integrated on-site solution.
  • An enhanced environmental profile.


“We used to routinely breach our consent levels, since we introduced the Ecobay system to our UK washbays we have met and exceeded our compliance requirements and regularly save money on 3rd party waste transfer, while reducing management and associated operational costs.”

UK Facilities Manager, Global Service Company