Ecobay™ Water Re-use

The EcoBay™ system can be further complimented with ultra-filtration, pH correction and UV sterilisation, to treat wastewater, allowing reuse in washbay/ pressure testing applications. It can also be integrated with rainwater harvesting to further enhance the environmental benefit of the equipment.

It is ideal for those who wish to:

  • Reduce waste transport costs, discharge volumes and consent breaches
  • No longer want to discharge to the mains drainage system;
  • Further enhance their environmental profile; or
  • Carry out industrial washing/water activities but are not on the mains water system.

EcoBay™ Reuse is the complete eco-friendly water conservation system for your facility. As a water conservation system, it attracts taxable benefits under the Enhanced Capital Allowances scheme, and its implementation provides eligibility for a Certificate of Environmental Benefit for the facility.


“Our water charges have reduced substantially, we have met our internal re-use targets and operate comfortably within discharge consents, well done EP!”

Manufacturing Manager, Global Service Company