Water Treatment for the
Energy Industry

Environmental Processes Ltd (EP) are based in Aberdeen, Scotland, and since 2005, EP have provided water treatment equipment, environmental consultancy and engineering services to the Oil & Gas industry.

With decades of experience in oily water treatment, we keep abreast of available and upcoming treatment technologies and carry out our own research to ensure our clients have the most suitable treatment technology at the most economical price.

Our applications include:

  • Industrial Washbay Clean Up.
  • Pressure Tank Water Reuse.
  • Compressor Condensate Systems.
  • Bilge Water Treatments.
  • Harbour Side Water Management.
  • Offshore Slops Treatment Systems.

We assist our clients in managing all aspects of their wastewater discharge by providing sampling services, training, chemical use education, advice on regulatory or water authority requirements, and site design to enhance the environmental infrastructure and profile of a facility.

Our involvement ensures regulatory compliance and reputation, and our life cycle support service includes spares, consumables, system enhancement and repairs.

“[EP] systems tie in with our Company-wide environmental commitments and we know discharge compliance would not have always been achieved without them”

UK Manager, Major Service Company